Advantages of Telepsychiatry

Patients participate more in their therapy due to this innovation. 

Patients enjoy being in the comfort of their homes or office when doing Telepsychiatry.

Easier access by using a smartphone and desktop for Telepsychiatry

Patients have been shown to be more relaxed during Telepsychiatry.

Patients optimize their time. Better time management.

Transit time is eliminated which saves hours for patients. There is increased control of time.

There is less time involved in going to appointments and not being caught up in traffic to go to psychiatric appointments.

Telepsychiatry is better for the environment. Patients do not use their cars. Less expense for gasoline. Less wear and tear on your vehicle.

Appointments are easier to schedule during regular business hours.

Patients are able to return to regular activities immediately after a psychiatric session

Patients do not need to take time off from work to go to a psychiatric session.

Patients do not have to spend time in waiting rooms when people are not feeling sick especially in the winter time due to influenza, Covid, and other respiratory illness

Patients enjoy improved health care outcomes. Patients in rural areas can use this innovation to improve care for rural populations.

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