April is the sexual assault awareness and prevention month and is recognized by military and civilian communities Where there is national Awareness in the creation of a culture that prevents sexual violence 

We at MSICS MENSSANA are committed to eliminating sexual assault and sexual harassment both in the civilian and military communities. We continue to educate the community with regards to the “Continuum of Harm.”

The month of April brings awareness to the public and reinforces prevention so that we may have a culture of respect in our communities. SAAPM also educates about myths on sexual assault. It will bring awareness of what consent is. A healthy relationship is important when it comes to communication of what comfort zones are. A consent Hass to have feedback from both parties. A person can not consent when under the influence of alcohol and illicit substances It is NOT consensual sex when the other person is nonresponsive, upset, or under the influence of alcohol or illicit substances. Being incapacitated is not consent to a sexual act. No means no. We educate about boundaries. 

Each person responds differently to sexual trauma. Those who have suffered sexual molestation during childhood may have depression, alcohol issues, eating disorders, may have suicidal ideation, and may have difficulty trusting others. Survivors of sexual trauma may experience low sexual interest or may be engaged in high-risk sexual behaviors. It is very important that we give support to those who have been molested as a child. We need to educate the family, and the support system on coping mechanisms and so that they may function in the community.

Adult sexual trauma may have psychological consequences as well such as denial, fear, anxiety, social withdrawal, and isolation. Some may be in an acute state of trauma or it can go on chronically. We need to continue to educate about further victimization to those who have survived a sexual assault.

Military sexual trauma has occurred during a person’s military service. Due to the ranking system in the military, a person may be in distress and coerced in exchange for sexual favors. They may have suffered hazing experiences, inappropriate touching, unwanted sexual advances that may lead a victim very vulnerable.

Symptoms of trauma may include, sleep problems, physical health issues, there can be Mood shifts from irritability to anger and other strong emotions. Those who may have suffered from trauma may turn to alcohol or other illicit drugs. Many would feel depressed or numb and have feelings of detachment. Victims of sexual assault may feel unsafe and may have disturbing nightmares and memories.

If you have experienced trauma and are feeling overwhelmed and needs support, please click on the link and make an appointment