What is emotional wellness? Emotional wellness means that you are able to adapt successfully and handle life‘s challenges and stressors. This would be a time in your life for you to be able to cope effectively in life and create relationships that are satisfying.

Emotional wellness is very challenging at times when you are in a situation where facets of health and well-being May not be the best. Emotional wellness is knowing how you feel and understanding the sensations that your body is going through. You are able to process how you react to stressors that are outside of your control. Emotional wellness is when you allow yourself to experience things that are uncomfortable but you react positively instead of negatively.

This self-awareness means knowing yourself in the environment that you live in and how you react to the circumstances that trigger them. You also have the acceptance that you can sometimes feel irritable or irritated or annoyed by someone or something in the environment but being able to control those emotions and not lashing out at someone or something is emotional wellness You are able to respond to the stressor positively even though the stressor it’s out of your control.

Emotional wellness means your ability to bounce back when there is a negative turn and you are able to cope effectively with those challenges in life. You bounce back like a rubber band from hardships, and failures, set back grief, bereavement, fear, and emotional pain. This does not happen overnight. You process these emotions but you become resilient and become actively engaged with these emotions. Feeling this uncomfortable sensation is part of the healing process.

Coping with stress is a learned skill. Look back on your life where you were challenged physically, emotionally, and even medically and how you were able to maneuver what was going on in your life. You were able to make a conscious decision to turn to your family for support, talk to your friends, and talk to your psychiatric nurse practitioner to be able to develop effective problem-solving skills. You may want to turn to journal or exercise or meditation or go seek your Pastor at your church.

Emotional wellness means making positive choices and fostering wonderful relationships. You fostered these relationships with others who are also in line with your ideals. It may be your family, your significant other, and your support system. You are  choosing an optimistic point of view  instead of a pessimistic point of use

What can you do to foster emotional well-being?

  • Learn new skills
  • Pay attention to the present moment on what you’re feeling this is a form of mindfulness
  • Be physically active. walk, dance, run. Go out in nature.
  • Connect with other people. Foster good relationships that are important for your mental health.
  • Give to others. This may be your time, financial donation, or sharing your skills with others.

If you are having difficulty in life and are not able to use your resiliency skills, please click on the link and make an appointment.