May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Currently, there are about 300,000 living Asian American, Native Hawaiian, pacific islander American veterans. Library of Congress veterans history project honors those veterans who have served or and who are currently serving.

AA PI month originated with Congress in 1978. President Jimmy Carter had a weeklong celebration for the first week of May and presidents after he passed annual proclamations that we need to celebrate Asian Americans and pacific islander and their contributions to the United States. The library of Congress commemorates and outlines guides and how to observe AAPI.

 We at MSICS MENSSANA take pride in recognizing this ethnically diverse group. We celebrate their rich traditions and customs. We continue to celebrate the heritage of AAPI but also recognize the violence towards Asian Americans. An example is the Chinese Exclusion Act was a race-based exclusion law that was passed in the United States.

We celebrate AAPI and cultural diversity but also have to address racial violence. Asian Americans continue to work towards racial justice, inequities, but we also highlight the rich diversity of Asian immigrants and their contributions to the American culture. We recognize all immigrant laborers but also highlight the rich contributions that made this country culturally diverse, as we continue to bridge cultures together.