Tips for a Happier Relationship

All couples will have a honeymoon stage where there is a lot of romance, intimacy, and learning each other. Over time the newness disappears.

Relationships are not always going to be happy. There will be moments when couples who are happy in their relationships can also have arguments.  There can be a lot of stressors that occur in a relationship. 

  1. Having arguments does not mean unhappy relationships. It is important to recognize that this increases stress but both parties have two learn to communicate.
  2. Kindness goes a long way. Remove judgments. Respect and understanding of your significant other can help alleviate stress.
  3. It’s OK to disagree with your significant other. Disagreements will occur in all relationships.
  4. Couples should complement each other. Make sure you also nurture your own desires and interests and hobbies. Do not wait for your significant other to “complete” your whole being. 
  5. Look at each other’s strengths to improve the relationship and not focus on the weakness. Be realistic about what you do best and focus on that. Plan for personal time.
  6. Learn to forgive each other. This is part of healing. Be intentional with your apologies. Make amends. Be patient. Continue to build trust in the relationship. 

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