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A comprehensive psychiatric assessment is needed for a diagnosis and treatment plan. A holistic approach where the psychiatric, medical, family, and social history is assessed. Together we will build a professional relationship through trust, understanding, and connection. We will explore your past and present situation so you may have a better future. We will capitalize on your strengths and also assess your vulnerabilities. You have a unique experience with different cultural and familial backgrounds.


A conservative approach may be necessary if you’re experiencing depression,  anxiety, PTSD symptoms, and insomnia. We will look at lifestyle modifications and your coping skills.  You may be ambivalent about medication management. If during this acute phase in what you are going through and there is significant impairment in your life, medication management may be necessary.

* In my practice I do not prescribe benzodiazepines and stimulants. Misuse and abuse of or dependence on these prescriptions is alarming.


Supportive psychotherapy is used to improve health and wellness for individuals, group and family psychotherapy. According to Maslow, a person can achieve self-actualization if needs are met. Brief therapy focuses on solutions by capitalizing on your strengths to change the current situation.

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Most of the time we do not realize how great life is. Anna helps people start feeling alive and believe in themselves!

Mike35 years

Being a single mom makes your life miserable. If it wasn't for Anna, I would have lost it. Now I know it is never too late to ask for help.

Jenna29 years

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