Alcohol Use Disorder

According to the World Health Organization, (WHO)that there are about 283 million people (5% of adults) who have alcohol use disorder worldwide. There are about 3 million deaths each year due to alcohol use.

There are many different treatment options for alcohol use disorder. Psychosocial interventions are effective but his many as 70% relapse and return to heavy drinking after psychosocial treatment unknown. Psychosocial treatment with counseling helps for mild alcohol use disorder.
Psychiatric assessment is needed to assess risks, consequences, and motivation to reduce alcohol intake. For moderate to severe alcohol use disorder, psychosocial intervention as well as medication is critical for continued sobriety.

Medication management can be used for alcohol use disorder treatment that decreases heavy drinking and increases the length of abstinence. These medications are naltrexone for outpatient treatment alternatives. If you have a history of seizures related to alcohol use disorder, delirium tremens, inpatient psychiatric admission will be needed. There can be instability of vital signs increased risk for falls, increased risk for seizures, delirium tremens that can lead to death.