Boundaries are very important in our personal and professional lives. Learning about how we feel and react in many situations can help us understand what our boundaries are.

First, we need to communicate what healthy boundaries are. Learning to verbalize our needs is important so we can respect each boundary with our significant others. Ask, “Is this okay?” or “Are you comfortable with this?” can help open communication in a relationship. Never assume that the other person is comfortable or ok with what you think is ok.

Secondly, we need to be able to recognize that boundaries are a form of protection. Boundaries give us an understanding of healthy vs. unhealthy boundaries.

Thirdly, over time boundaries can change in a relationship. Boundaries can shift as we become more familiar with our significant other. We can also pull back our boundaries and have a right to do so and your significant other can do the same thing. Respecting your personal boundaries is critical free of pressure, manipulation, and retaliation.

Everyone deserves to be respected. Dignity in a relationship is important and plays an important role in healthy relationships. If you have experienced domestic violence, trauma, with being overwhelmed and needs support, please click on the link and make an appointment