How do you tap into your strengths and resiliency?

Life happens. You have experienced challenges in life and may sometimes feel overwhelmed. You may have felt fearful, frustrated, and may have a wide range of emotions that may have come your way. Use these past challenges and reflect on them. Think about how you were able to prioritize what you needed to do in order to overcome those challenges. You may want to write those reflections in a journal as you think through these experiences and process them.

Use your spirituality as you pray or meditate. Meditation and prayer may calm your anxieties and may increase clarity on how you will solve your current challenges. You may use these coping mechanisms by applying them to your situation. 

Accept these challenges as part of life. The key is how you can re-focus on what is important in life. Know what you can control in your situation. Brainstorm on how to solve the problems. Solve the current problem in “bite-size pieces.” You can ask questions such as, “What can you tackle at the moment? What can you accomplish at the moment to improve the situation?” Write down the pros and cons and expend energy on what you can work on at the moment.

Know your limitations. Ask for support. Ask questions. Be patient with yourself. Building resiliency is not something you do overnight. Learn from setbacks. Adapt and conquer. 

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