Balance Your Thinking

How will “Balance Your Thinking” assist you in life?

Balancing your thinking will help you look at situations from a different perspective. Balancing your thoughts will help you respond in ways that are aligned with your personal values and support your goals. When you balance your thinking, you will improve your relationships both in your personal and professional life.

Sometimes we have cognitive traps or distorted thinking that impedes us from having a better life. We may jump to conclusions. We sometimes get stuck by overthinking things. We feel trapped that can cause a lot of anxiety. These cognitive distortions are thinking that does not add up to what is really going on. We spiral down to negativity and we are stuck. We become irritable, angry, and frustrated. It affects our feelings that affect our personal and professional relationships. These negative feelings increase our blood pressure, affect our heart rate. Negative thoughts affect our sleep. This will affect our immune function. Ultimately, our mental health is affected!

Examples of Cognitive Traps or Cognitive Distortions are:

  1. Jumping to Conclusions
  2. “All or Nothing” Thinking
  3. Overgeneralization
  4. “Catastrophizing” or magnifying or minimizing
  5. Mental Filter – Focusing on the negatives
  6. Labeling – “I am such a loser”
  7. Discount, disqualify, dismiss the positives in life
  8. Shoulds and Oughts – “I should have done that instead!” This leads to anger, resentment, and guilt
  9. Personalization
  10. Emotional Reasoning – “Self-fulfilling prophecies” – “I feel ugly, therefore I am ugly.”

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