Dance and Mental Health

Researchers from Sweden had studied 100 teenage girls who had issues with depression and anxiety. Half of the females attended dance classes weekly while the other half did not. 

Those who attended weekly dance sessions had improved their mental wellness and had happier moods. The effects of dancing lasted until the classes had ended. Research shows that dancing has positive outcomes for those who participate in dancing that results in a healthier outlook, happier mood, increased social relationships. 

Research on older adults Also showed significant improvement in their moods when they attended weekly Zumba courses. Their physical wellness improved as well as their mental wellness. This helped them with their balance, improve core and their relationships.

The social relationships made those feel connected. Friendships or sustained and had a wonderful effect with those that had connections with others. Dancing is a form of therapy to alleviate depressed moods. If you continue to struggle with sadness, anxiety please seek help. 

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