What is a holistic Nurse Practitioner?

  • A holistic nurse practitioner believes that wellness uses a patient-centered approach and the body’s natural healing abilities. This approach is the care the mind, body and spirit for healing.
  • Holistic nurse practitioners incorporate the eastern and western methods of treatment when they assess patients, treat diseases and conditions, and prescribe medication.
  • Holistic nurse practitioners continue to order medical tests, interpret lab tests for diagnosing, and initiate managing the treatment of their patient population.
  • A holistic nurse practitioner includes prescribing pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments with coordination of care with the patient, other professionals, and their families.
  • Nurse Practitioners who practice holistically use pharmaceutical interventions and research-based practice but also use herbal therapy, healing, touch, nutrition, counseling, and acupressure and the use of Chinese in eastern healing practices,
  • Nurse Practitioners that focus on the holistic approach add stress management techniques, mindfulness, and a strength-based approach to therapy and wellness coaching. 
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