According to research from the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, The Connection Prescription: Using the Power of Social Interactions and the Deep Desire for Connectedness to Empower Health and Wellness, show good evidence that being connected with others affects our health and wellness. Having social relationships results in positive health outcomes decreases blood sugar, improves cancer survival, decreases depression and anxiety, and improves overall physical and mental health. 

The emerging field of Lifestyle medicine is the formalization of using preventative health, which includes a healthy lifestyle of eating food that is nutritious, increasing physical activity, reducing stress by advocating social support, counseling, smoking cessation, and moderate alcohol use. 

Social interaction means encouraging friendships at work, school, gym, the community, for both professional and personal realms. Studies show that relationships improve our overall immune function!

Multiple studies including, Maslow, shows that in order for a person to “self-actualize,” we need human connection. Our connections with others have helped us evolve. We are hard-wired to connect as babies are born. Mothers produce oxytocin which signals the bonding of the mother and child. 

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