Importance of Social Support

As we go through life, we are always going to face stress. Having emotional support is critical in dealing with challenges in life, and loneliness. Your social support is like medicine, it is your protective factor. Having a social support network affects our health positively and that includes our immunity, cognition, heart health, blood pressure, and sleep. Stress is normal and it is how we face it that affects our emotional and physical health.

According to the American psychological association in 2020, the US population has experienced an intense range of stressors over the last two years as we have seen during the COVID-19 pandemic, divisiveNess in our politics, racial justice, wars, and many are affected and feel fearful of their future.

It is important that you find social support because it helps you cope with your problems. Your social support Netwerk will help you have a sense of autonomy and improves your self-esteem. Your friends who are emotionally attached to you can see your strengths, and capabilities, and helps you focus on The future.

When you look at your social support network you need to cast a wide net. Look at the different relationships that you have in your life that will support you in the different aspects of your life. Look at those people you can count on. Find the people you can trust With your deepest concerns.

  • Be proactive and go out of your way to find those that support you in your social relationships. Make time for friends and family. Knock on their doors, call on them, and make time and effort to see them. Research has shown that the social support of friends and family Equates to longevity in life.
  • Follow your interests, if you’d like to hike, look for a group that goes hiking. If you like to make jewelry, go take a class and find your support system. If you’d like to go to church and have that spiritual support then find the right people that have the same beliefs. Join a club. Sign up for a class. Volunteering is critical That allows you to meet other people with the same interests.
  • Get out of your comfort zone and take advantage of sitting down face-to-face with other people. Stay connected through social media. Use technology and reach out to your loved ones. Do a video chat. Send an email or text message. Research shows that face-to-face interactions are most beneficial.
  • Seek out your support system and join a support group when you’re dealing with health issues. If you are having a hard time with alcohol or illicit substances join a support group. Improve your social skills by getting out of your comfort zone by learning a new activity such as hiking, bike riding, traveling, and starting a conversation.

If you need immediate help due to extreme anxiety, or depression that is severe, seek professional help. Click on the link and make an appointment please click on the link and make an appointment