What is mental wellness? 

Mental Wellness is the early prevention in early intervention before you are unable to cope with a challenging situation. 

Mental wellness is having that awareness of your social relationships, boundaries, emotions, how we function daily and how we use our spirituality, religion in life.

Mental Wellness is actively engaging with family, friends. Being well mentally is having a growth mindset, that increases our resiliency, so that we may actively thrive and flourish in our day-to-day lives.

Wellness in the mental realm means it is a dynamic process. We actively use the four pillars of health where we use the physical aspect by increasing our activities in life. Daily exercise, walking in nature, running, dancing are activities that we may engage in physically. 

Mental wellness is not only physical wellness but also training or mine to be mentally fit. This is a systematic process where we train our brains. Neuroplasticity means that we can modify, change the brain in response to our experiences. Mental health wellness is having the awareness of boundaries from other people. Learning to say no to decrease stress, not place yourself in situations that may increase risks.

Wellness with a social pillar means actively engaging with friends. Enjoying time together. Actively seeking different opportunities to learn other people at work call my crochet clubs, hiking groups or travel groups.

Spiritual wellness is a form of awareness by using spirituality, religion, to decrease anxiety. Do what is right. Meditation, yoga affects other aspects of our health.

Being aware of mental wellness can mitigate the chances of mental illness being exacerbated. Mental Wellness equates with resiliency and thriving in the world. Mental wellness is having the awareness of using your strengths to thrive even in challenging situations.

Mental wellness is learned and is a process where we proactively use different resources and experiences. We continuously strive to apply mental wellness in all different aspects of our lives.

Focus on solutions do not focus on the problem. Put your mental health energy into how to solve the problem. You should be the problem solver. Have a positive attitude. We mature as we learn how we find solutions to problems. We have a growth mindset when we look for solutions. Learn to be flexible. Rigidity will not help you find solutions. Give yourself a break from the situation and come back when you are refreshed.

Be mindful of the situation. Be present at the moment. Problems are not failures but challenges. 

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