Practice Gratitude

Why practice gratitude?

When you practice gratitude, you increase positive emotions in life. It helps you focus on the good things in life. What is gratitude? It is a sense of wonder, appreciation for what is happening, thankfulness. Gratitude helps us focus on what is going right.

Being grateful counteracts the negative in life. We are hardwired and evolved to look at the negatives in life. That is called the “Negativity Bias.” Negativity bias helped us survive as humans because we had to pay attention for survival. Negative emotions trigger the “Flight, Fight, Freeze” response. These kinds of thinking are what I call the “Stinking Thinking, Catastrophising.”.

Practicing gratitude helps us improve our performance, enhance our relationships with family, friends, and coworkers.  Being grateful helps us discover new skills and develop them. Being grateful is savoring the moment and appreciating what is going on. You are able to look deeper into your relationships. You become happier, content, and fulfilled in life.

If you are having difficulty practicing gratitude, please click on the link and make an appointment.