Steps You Can Take To Help Afghanistan Refugees

In the current news, we see the Taliban forces taking control of Afghanistan‘s capital of Kabul where thousands are trying to flee the country. The United Nations says this is a humanitarian catastrophe. We see the lines of people wanting desperately to be admitted to the Hamid Karzai Airport. Our CIA and troops are working around the clock to take American citizens to safety. Our veterans who deployed in Afghanistan are being triggered by what they are witnessing in the news.

Many questions are being asked of what will happen to women and women’s rights, education, children, and those that are vulnerable when the Taliban rules again.

Many nations are helping in the evacuation of thousands of Afghanistan refugees. These nations are collaborating with the US military to help evacuate those with Special Immigration Visas or SIV’s. Many people from Afghanistan have helped the United States military for the last 20 years as personnel, interpreters, assistants, etc to the many military missions that our service members had.

Many refugees will be arriving in the United States. They will be coming to Seattle, Tacoma, Fort Worth, Houston in the DC area. Many organizations are collaborating to help the people of Afghanistan.  You can contact multiple groups such as the Afghan Journalist Safety Committee, Women for Afghan Women, International Refugee Assistance Project.  You can email your congressman. You can email the White House. If you are feeling helpless you can volunteer to help resettle and would be welcoming for our refugees. You can help with airport pick-ups, tutoring, mentorship, assistance, you can also donate monetarily.

Many religious, nonprofit organizations are ramping up to help with the resettlement of these refugees. Contact your local churches. Be educated about what our Afghanistan counterparts have done for us. Be empathetic. Put yourself in their position. 

Please be aware of where you access your news information regarding the refugees that are coming to the United States. They have been vetted by our government.  As a refugee, they need your understanding and empathy.