Suicide Prevention Walk

According to the National Veteran Suicide Prevention Annual Report (2019), the suicide rate among Veterans is 1.5 times greater than the non-Veteran population ages 18+, with over 6,000 Veterans dying by suicide each year.

Despite accounting for just 7.9% of the population, Veterans account for 13.5% of all suicide deaths in the United States.

Reach out to a Veteran. It is important to treat and prevent mental health issues. Mental health support for substance use disorders is critical. We need to address firearm access to lethal means. Current statistics is that firearms accounted for 69.4% of Veteran suicides in 2017.

Let us empower our Veterans and Servicemembers to live and thrive in their communities. If you have issues with combat trauma, depression, anxiety, PTSD, military sexual trauma, click on this link for an appointment.