There are many types of religion that include Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

A Harvard study by Professor Tyler VanderWeele found that those who pray daily had fewer depressive episodes and symptoms. The study also revealed that those who prayed had a positive effect on mood, increased satisfaction in life, and improved self-esteem. In another study of African-Americans recovering from mental illness stated that prayer has helped them with their mental wellness.

During the pandemic, challenges in life, people look to a higher power and their spirituality for comfort. For centuries, people have used religion to alleviate life stressors and during times of crisis.  In a study from the Journal of Medicine, meditation was found to have a calming effect. Researchers find that spirituality, prayer, meditation decrease his anxiety, increase his positive mood, and also tolerates pain more.

When people are spiritual or pray, there is a sense of connection to a higher being or to a higher power. Many people pray for many different reasons for guidance, protection, solace, and gratitude. Prayer can have a positive impact on recovery and it’s noted in the Serenity Prayer. Studies show that regular prayer can also be very helpful during challenging times and stressors.

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