Tips to Improve Emotional Health:

  • Keep a journal. When you journal, you cultivate mindfulness because you are the narrator of your life. Write down your reflections, feelings, and thoughts that come to your mind. You can read over what you wrote and sometimes you may feel like you’re an outsider looking in and deriving information about yourself you never knew before. This is how you may gain insight into your life.
  • Get to know yourself. Ask yourself am I able to accept responsibility for my actions? Ask yourself who are the people that influence you in your life. Ask yourself how you handle conflicts in your life. Do you withdraw from your family or do you isolate yourself from your family? Or do you seek help from your family and loved ones? This helps reflect what is going on with your life at this moment.
  • Practice positivity and optimism. smile at yourself. Laugh at yourself. Patch yourself in the back for getting up in the morning. Reach out to others to put a positive spin on a stressful situation. Push yourself even though you are having difficulty. Optimism will eventually become a habit in your life and change your perspective.
  • Manage your stress. De-clutter your mind or your desk physically. Learn to say no. Have boundaries. Deep breathing when you are stressed helps you feel calmer. Do yoga. Meditate often. Spirituality can be a form of prayer or walking in nature. Visualize positivity in your life to reduce stress. Make an appointment for yourself on your to-do list and make time for yourself.
  • Seek advice from a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Contact your counselors, therapist, chaplain, priest, or pastor. These professionals are there to serve you for your emotional needs. They will work with you to develop positive emotional habits. Make time for yourself. Prioritize yourself.
  • If you need guidance on how to improve your emotional health,  please click on the link and make an appointment