What is Trauma-Informed Care?

As a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, I am aware of neuroscience, genetics, epidemiology, and other risk factors that can put someone at higher risk for mental illness.

Physical, emotional, sexual abuse, combat trauma, military sexual trauma are experienced by many people. According to current statistics about 1/2 of American children or 34 million children younger than 18 years old have experienced a traumatic event in early childhood.

This trauma may be family violence, community violence. It can be natural disasters from the environment. It can be an intentional injury, car accident, or other forms of trauma. Trauma may occur if one is an immigrant or refugee that experienced different forms of traumas during detention, discrimination can occur as well. These children may have been exposed to terrorism in their countries of origin.

Many children here in the United States may have experienced trauma. Some children may have experienced medical and invasive treatments that may add to the trauma.  Many children have witnessed by their caregiver domestic violence, substance use, parental violence. Many children may be experiencing neglect, abuse, death, and possibly separation from a caregiver. Extensive research on Adverse Childhood Events (ACE) has been studied for many many years.

As your Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner at MSICS MENSSANA, I am aware of how the body reacts when exposed to trauma. Using Trauma-Informed care at MSICS MENSSANA improves mental health care and increases positive outcomes. As your provider and having awareness of what Trauma-Informed Care is, I look at your strengths to promote resiliency. I will care for you so that you can receive the right resources and focus on appropriate interventions.

If you have experienced childhood trauma you feel overwhelmed, need mental health support, please click on the link and make an appointment