What are Stressors and How do Can I Manage them?

What are stressors? Stress is a normal part of life. A stressor is a situation, circumstance, or different factors in life that can induce stress that may lead to physiological changes, and affect our psychological health and physical health. Stress is a response to things that can happen in our lives, family relationships, workplace environments, and demands of other people’s expectations of us.

All of us have experienced different stressors such as death, childbirth, divorce, moving, mental health issues, or physical health such as illness or injuries. You may also experience job stress. Some may experience political injustice, human rights violations, and other forms of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Other stressors can be incarceration, COVID-19, being laid off or changes in the work environment. 

According to Psych Central, the Social Readjustment Rating Scale was developed in 1967. They attributed points to life’s many stressors. Some stressors are rated higher on the scale. Everyone has different ways of coping with life stressors. Some may isolate, have sleep issues, lack energy, or maybe unproductive, some may feel so overwhelmed that they aren’t able to do their life activities and function day to day. Some may have changes to their eating habits. 

Learn how you prioritize problem-solving skills with your stressors. You may learn how to do emotional awareness and her actions to enhance your ability to cope with adversity.

There are many ways that we can alleviate life stressors. Meditation, and tai chi, some may resort to prayer or spirituality that helps reduce stress in life. Using gratitude, journaling can build optimism so you may find greater meaning and purpose in life. You can do this by volunteering in your community.

Other coping mechanisms are mindfulness-based stress reduction, massage therapy, acupuncture, and relaxation techniques. You may use your resiliency training. You may resort to physical activity or may do yoga instead.

If you are having difficulty due to stressors and feel overwhelmed in life, it is helpful for you to speak with a psychiatric nurse practitioner, psychiatrist, or therapist. Click on this link to make an appointment for your assessment.

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