Military service members and their families go through different stages after deployment. This is a stage where one feels happy, excited but is also a stressful time for both the service member and family members:

It is normal for you to go through these stages.

  • Pre-entry. You may be planning the many things you will when you get back home. These plans may include activities with your family, friends, coworkers.
  • Reunion. This is the stage where one can describe as the “honeymoon phase” where you reunite with your family after you come home. It is a time to relax and reconnect with the people you love and care for.
  • Disruption. Things may have changed while you were away. Your family, friends, and coworkers may have made new routines. It is normal for things to change while you were away. It may take time for you to readjust to these changes of routines. You may feel different as your family may have managed when you were away. Sometimes you may feel that you are not needed. You may feel resentful, angry, irritable, or even envious of these changes.
  • Communication. You and your family may have to relearn how to communicate with each other. Communication can be verbal and non-verbal. Discuss with your family about financial matters, routines, and how you are feeling. Family discussions are important to reconnect with each other again.
  • Normalcy. Resiliency is key as everyone will adjust to these new changes. Be flexible with these new routines. Try and look at the positives in these periods where everyone has grown from these experiences.

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