Why celebrate diversity?

What is diversity? Diversity includes race, ethnic origin, color, religion, creed, sexual orientation, age and many other things.

Yes, we are all human beings but we also recognize the rich and colorful diversity that comes from experience. We need to have conscious recognition and better understand the people around us so that we may enjoy our multicultural society where we live.


Mahatma Gandhi said that, “our ability to reach unity and diversity will be the beauty in the test of our civilization.” When we celebrate diversity, we learn about tolerance. We broaden our perspective as we gain a better understanding of another person‘s point of you.  Diversity is celebrating our differences but we also enjoy common interests that helps us to fully experience life. Understanding other peoples background it’s critical to personal and community growth. We need to learn that ethnocentrism is not something that we take pride in. We need to energize ourselves and continue to grow so that we can appreciate other forms of music, other forms of religion, experience different cuisines, learn different cultures, and understand the economic, social, educational backgrounds of other people.

When we celebrate diversity, it helps us overcome our stereotypes. Stereotyping is very common and makes us feel comfortable but it continues to give us assumptions about others that can be incorrect.  As we celebrate the diversity of differet cultures we become aware of others and learn to find new comfort zones with different perspectives. Diversity makes us learn about other people and their cultures. We learn to appreciate their rich history.  Diversity discourages racism. We learn about structural racism when we learn about diversity. It helps us increase our awareness about other people and we can remove our stereotypes and prejudices In other people.  Diversity strengthens our unity so that we may learn to be collective and live together. Diversity helps us embrace our differences and celebrate them so that we can work together and be united for the good of the group.

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