Benefits of using Tele-psychiatry

Benefits of providing Telehealth services:

  • Increases access. Approximately 123 million Americans live in an area with limited access to healthcare.
    • Telehealth increasing accessibility in these communities
  • Reduces costs for clients.
    • Research suggests that Telehealth saves money compared with traditional approaches to providing care.
    • For patients, this means lower costs
    • Decreased transportation costs
    • Less time missed from work
    • Less money is incurred on child care expense
    • Reduce delay in care
    • Reduced stigma reduction
  • Same-level patient care.
    • No patient outcome difference was found between Telehealth appointments and face-to-face office visits.
  • Better client experience. 
    • Telehealth eliminates the wasted time traveling and sitting in the waiting room. Less exposure to viruses/bacteria.
  • Telepsychiatry appointments are available by clicking on this link 
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